Genesis 18 — Abraham hosts God for lunch as mercy on Sodom and Gomorrah is negotiated

The LORD and two heavenly messengers visit Abraham and Sarah for lunch. The LORD reveals that Sarah will have a son and Sodom and Gomorra will have a holocaust. Abraham bargains for mercy on the cities.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What does this text tell us about how God deals with prayer?

What does this text tells us about the dietary and culinary habits of people at this time?

Why was Sarah afraid?

What time of day did Abraham meet his special visitors?

What does the name Mamre (Strong’s 4471, 4754) mean (Zeph. 3:1, Job 39:13) ? What biblical town is near this area?

What is rebellion?

What is the “tent door” (Strong’s 6607—Gen. 4:7, Gen. 6:16, Gen. 19:6, Psa. 24:7-10)?

What did Abraham do when he “bowed down to the earth” (Strong’s 7812) before his visitors (Gen. 22:5, Ex. 24:1, Prov. 12:25 “weigh down,” 2nd Sam. 16:4 “humbly bow,” Isa. 45:14)? Why do you bow before God?

What happened when the visitors were leaving?

What was the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah? What did God hear? What do the names Sodom and Gomorrah mean? How did Sodom get burned and Gomorrah get chastised?

What does the number 10 mean?

Reader: Jeff. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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