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Genesis 14 — Abram’s only war & meeting with Melchizedek

Abram wasn’t a man of war, but he fought a relatively major war for the time to rescue Lot. Afterward, he met the mysterious Melchizedek, who is mentioned in eternal terms in Psalms and the Apostolic letter to the Hebrews. Who is that man?

Food for thought from the recorded discussion


Who was Nimrod? Why is Nimrod famous? What was his major accomplishment? What does Nimrod’s name mean? How did God respond to Nimrod’s challenge?

Genesis 14

Who are all these people listed in this chapter? Does Nimrod bear any relation to Amraphel or these other kings? What does the name Amraphel (Strong’s lexicon No. 0569) mean? What does the name of the land of Ellasar (0459) mean? What does the name Chedorlaomer (3540) mean? What does the name Elam (5867) mean? Who was the first person to bear the name Elam?

How many years since the Flood?

Where did paganism begin?

What does the word Sodom (5467) mean? How did the town get this name? Who is Bera (1298), and what does his name mean? Who is Birsha (1306), what does his name mean? What does the name Gomorrah (6017) mean? Who is Shinab (8134), and what does his name mean? What does the name Admah (0126) mean? Who is Shemeber (8038), what does his name mean? What land did he rule? Who was Bela (1106)? What land did he rule, and what does the name of that land mean (6820)?

How do we know that these people were already beginning to exalt the stars above God Himself?

What was the land of the Horites (2752)? Where is the land of El-Paran (0364)?

How do we know that Moses didn’t write this section of Genesis? What is the valley of Siddim (7708)? What happened to this valley later in history? What is this valley now?

How did Abram respond to the news of his nephew’s capture? What was his battle plan? How far did he chase the enemy?

What does it mean to be to the “left of Damascus” (the word translated left, 8040)?

What is Hobah (2327)?

What is the valley of Shaveh (7740)? Who also went to the valley of Shaveh?

Who came out to meet Abram after his victory?

Who is Melchizedek (4442)? Where did he rule? What is Salem (8804)? Who else hold the same title, “Prince of Peace”? What did Yeshua mean by, “Abraham saw my day”? Were there priests of God before the tribe of Levi? Why did Melchizedek receive Abram?

What did Melchizedek bring to Abram? What came first? What came after?

What did the King of Sodom offer to Abram?

How did Abram respond to the King of Sodom’s offer (Gen. 14:21)?

Reader: David De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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