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Genesis 13 — ‘righteous’ Lot chooses to live near Sodom

Many have faulted Lot for choosing the good land on the plains near what later became known as the condemned city of Sodom, yet he really was “veiled righteousness” on display in the city. Abram’s choice of places to settle also had lasting consequences.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Why was Abram willing to let Lot chose the best land and water?

What does Lot’s name mean (Strong’s Hebrew lexicon No. 3876)? Why was Lot considered a righteous man (Genesis 18-19)? Why did Lot leave Haran with Abram in the first place? Who else had a “veil” over himself (Ex. 34:33-35; cf. 2nd Cor. 3:7-18)?

Did Abram take idols with him from Haran to Canaan, as some commentators assert?

How is the book of Genesis ordered? How many years had passed between the flood and the time of Abram? When did Noah exit the ark?

Did Lot go to Egypt with Abram? Which patriarch was still alive during this time?

What was the land of Sodom like during the time of Abram? Was Lot wrong to travel down to this area to live?

What locations did Abram explore? Where did Abram set up his home base? What does Mamre mean (Strong’s 4471)? What does Hebron mean (Strong’s 2275)? What “pact” was made there? Who were the parties to the pact? Where did Abram build altars?

Why would Abram need to learn the art of war?

Reader: Jeff. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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