Genesis 1-2 — ‘made’ vs. ‘created’

Is there a distinction between use of Hebrew words translated as “created” and “made” in Genesis 1-2? If so, why is that distinction there?

Food for thought from the discussion

What do you remember from the previous discussions on Genesis? [Review previous discussions.]

Gen. 1:3 — “And God said…” Everything He said occurred. The Bible also says that God “called forth” light. “Called forth” is not the same as “said” or “made.” What does “call forth” refer to?

What does ki tov (ki tov) mean?

Now to the new teaching.

Gen. 1:7 —Is God creating at this point? What is He doing? What is He making and how is that different from creating? He “divided the firmament.” What does that mean?

Gen. 1:8 — What did God “call”? If you believe God called you to something, you should be frightened not to do what He called you to do. 

Gen. 1:16 — God made “two great lights.” What does that mean? What do they do? Did He create the sun and moon at this point, or did He make them earlier? If they were already made, then what does this verse mean? What is the job of the son, moon and stars? Are the moedim, Hebrew for “appointed times,” only controlled by the motion of the moon?

Gen. 2:2 — God rested from all He made. Why doesn’t it say that God rested from what He created? Is our “word” powerful? How are our words powerful? 

Gen. 1:25 — God made man and woman. The Bible says that God created the animals but made mankind. What does that distinction mean?

Did God create the heavens and the earth out of nothing? What existed before the world? Why doesn’t the Bible mention when He made the angelic world? Why is the Bible human-centric? Whom does God love?

When was Adam created? When was woman created? Then why does the Bible tell us that God created Eve after He created Adam? 

What does the Hebrew name “Adam” mean?

Why did God create the seventh day? What did He do on that seventh day? What is the difference between rest and Shabbat?

Gen. 1:9 — God “gathered the waters together”? Why? He made them “wait” and “stand.” What does that mean? 

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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