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Gen. 15:1 — What is a ‘vision’?

Some claim they’ve had “a vision from the LORD,” telling them a new teaching or to do this or that. However, in the Bible a vision accompanies “words of the LORD.” In other words, God speaks then He shows — gives “vision” — to understand what He has said.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

What is the new word that shows up in Gen. 15:1? What is a vision (machazeh, Strong’s lexicon 4236)? “After these things” (literally, “words”) — what words were spoken at the end of Genesis 14?

What were Abram’s last words in the prior chapter? How is that connected to this vision in Genesis 15? Is a vision a dream? Why does “the word” come “in a vision” to Abram? What was Abram supposed to see? What does the prophet “see” in a vision? How does the prophet “see” God’s word?

Num. 24:3-4,15 — What does the nakedness of the serpent mean in Genesis 3?

What did the prophet Baalam say here about the words of the LORD? How did Baalam see the words of the LORD?

1 Sam. 3:1 — Why was the word of the Lord “precious” in Samuel’s youth?

Prov. 29:18 — How do we find “the words of Elohim”?

Hab. 2:1-3 — God told the prophet to “write down the vision” to make it clear? Is this book clear to most people? How do we get clarity on what this book means? How does the comment about “tarry” remind one of the parable of the 10 virgins? Does God really “tarry”?

Is a vision a passive or active thing?

How many stars did Abram see?

How do you know if you are hearing the “words of the LORD”?

Speaker: Richard Agee.

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