Firstfruits of the Kingdom of God illuminate a dark Earth

The Kingdom of God is rarely discussed on Christian talk radio, yet it is an overwhelming theme throughout Yeshua’s teachings recorded in the New Testament. 

Consider the spiritual implications of the line “your time has come to shine all your dreams are on their way” in Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Perhaps it is the time for the Firstfruit saints to shine like the sun and have their dreams come true, as described by the prophet Daniel. Those times may be close at hand.

Texts: Daniel 12; Rom. 8:12-30; Gen. 1:26-28; Gen. 3:17-19; Gen. 5; Gen. 22:15-18; Acts 7:22-24; Ex. 7:7; Luke 1:69-71; Like 23:51; Matt. 4:23; Mark 1:14; Luke 9:1-32; Acts 19:8; Acts 28:23; John 3:13; 1 Cor. 15; 1 Thess. 4; Revelation 20; Rev. 5:9-10; Rev. 11:15-19; Revelation 19; Rev. 20:1-6; Isa. 11:1-9; Isa. 30:18-26; Isaiah 35

Daniel 12 is one of the “go to” chapters that believers need to go to begin to understand what the Kingdom of God is all about. Dan. 12: 3 says, “Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament….” The Kingdom is the time when the first fruits will lay claim to the glorious spiritual bodies Yeshua will give them and rule and reign with him for 1000 years. 

A second witness to this promise is found in Rom. 8:12-30. Apostle Paul tells us that there will come a time “that we may also be glorified with him…” (Rom 8:17b). Without the Spirit of God, we can not understand the will of God. We can’t pray properly without the help of the Spirit of God. 

The Spirit of God takes us through three stages of transformation. Through them, we are:

  1. Called.
  2. Justified. 
  3. Glorified.

Adam was given dominion over the fish of the sea and all the animals that move on the earth. God put the world at Adam’s feet but Adam blew it and was called into judgement. Disobedience brings death, just as Moses’ and Aaron’s disobedience brought their death and they were unworthy to enter the promised land. Gen. 5 tells us that Adam’s children were born in Adam’s image, not God’s image. 

Over time, mankind became so wicked that God repented of making mankind in the first place but He made a covenant with Himself and spared a remnant of mankind in the form of Noah and his family to replenish mankind on the earth. 

Abraham obeyed God in faith to the point he was willing to sacrifice his promised son Isaac. It was a great test for Abraham and he passed it with flying colors. God rewarded Abraham’s faith with great promises and even greater blessings. They continued through Isaac, Jacob and the 12 sons of Israel/Jacob. 

Dr. Stephen Jones, in the book Secrets of Time,  made an interesting prophetic connection that is relevant here. Using the Biblical numbers 40 and 120. Deuteronomy 34 tells us that Moses lived to be 120 years old. Moses spent 40 years as an Egyptian prince, he spent another 40 years as a shepherd in Midian and 40 years in the wilderness with the people of Israel. 

Dr. Jones says there were 40 Jubilees from Adam to Abraham and 40 Jubilees from Abraham to A.D. 26 and another 40 Jubilees from that year to 1986. 

Think about this: there were five wise virgins and five foolish virgins in Yeshua’s parable. This could be a clue for us as it may mean that ½ of the church will not be ready for His deliverance and the beginning of His millennial reign. 

Around the time of Yeshua’s birth, many in Israel were anticipating the arrival of the Messiah but they were anticipating a militant Messiah who would free them from the Roman’s oppressive rule. But this was not Yeshua’s purpose the first time. The Jewish sages of the time were blinded to the fact the Messiah’s redemption was a two stage process. 

The reason that many Christian teachers do not teach about the Kingdom of God is it doesn’t fit into the jigsaw puzzle of the last days they have created through a misinterpretation of God’s word. 

Most Christians say that the righteous who die go straight to heaven. This contradicts Yeshua’s plain word in John 3:13 when Yeshua Himself says that no one ascended to heaven except Yeshua Himself. Paul also says that the righteous dead will be resurrected from their graves, not brought down from heaven. 

Before the Kingdom of God comes, there will be rough times, including vultures eating the dead bodies of the enemies of God. But there will be a triumph when Yeshua will redeem those who were killed because they loved Him. God will deal with religious, political and corporate corruption. There will be no more lies or deceptions. He will remove violence from the animal world, too. 

Speaker: John Walsh. Summary: Tammy.

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