Exodus recap — the value of hindsight for insight

We often reserve some very harsh judgment for our ancestors who left Egypt, presuming that if we were with them, we would have been smarter than them and not made their mistakes. However, this attitude shows our arrogance because we forget that it is God who has been gracious enough to us to give us His word so we would have the blessing of hindsight and insight at their expense. Rather than condemning our ancestors for their ignorance, we need to look at our own faults in the light of His word so that He can bless us with hindsight and insight to keep our own feet from stumbling.

From reading about the history and reliving the teachings through the annual appointed times, a.k.a. “feasts to the LORD” (Leviticus 23), we gain insight on the role of Messiah in the past and the future.

Thought Questions

Joshua blows a trumpet on Yom Teruah
Joshua sounds a "loud noise" (teruah, in Hebrew) to commemorate Yom Teruah, or the Day of Loud Noise. (Jeff photo)

What is the purpose of blowing the silver trumpets?

How are we “called to Moses”?

How is the book of Exodus “full of hindsight”?

What is the advantage of hindsight?

How does hindsight make us judgmental or critical of our predecessors?

What power did God give to Moses at the burning bush?

How did God develop Moses’ faith?

What do you think uses the trumpets and shofars to accomplish?

What do the Spring Holy Days mean?

What do shepherds do to protect the sheep from wolves when they need to sleep at night?

How are the 10 Commandments  like a hedge of thorns around you?

What is “insight”? Where does insight come from?

How are we the light and salt of the world?? What are we supposed to do?

What does Yom haKippurim (Day of Atonement) mean to you?

What is repentance?

How is God “perfect,” or “complete”? How can we be “complete” like God is “complete”?

Where does judgment start? What does Mal. 4:1 tell us about the last judgement?

Do you need healing? What do you want God to heal in your life?

Speaker: Richard Agee

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