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Exodus 6 — God reiterated His call of Moshe, Aharon; Levi, Reuben, Shimon noted as leaders of Israel

Try to put yourself into the shoes of Moshe (Moses) in Exodus 6. His first presentation with Pharaoh didn’t go very well — just as Moshe had told God it wouldn’t. His confidence was even lower now than it had been before. Yet God did not change His mind about His call on Moshe and Aharon (Aaron).

Thought questions

Why does the chapter end as it does?

Was Moshe trying to convince God that he was not the right man?

How many generations were there in Egypt?

How did God reveal himself to the previous generations and how does he reveal himself differently to Moshe?

What was “wrong” with the Israelites at this time?

What kind of discipline is Moshe experiencing right now?

What kind of power did God give Moshe? What spirit did God give Moshe?

What is our battle? Is the same battle Moshe fought? What is our sword?

What was the “burden of the Egyptians”? What does redemption mean in Hebrew?

What did God promise to give the people? What does it mean the Moshe has “uncircumcised lips” (Jer. 1:6)?

What does it mean when God gave Moshe “charge” over the people of Israel and Pharaoh?

Why are only the first four sons of Israel’s genealogies listed here? Why does it stop with Levi? How long did Moshe forefathers’ live?

How should we respond to those whose ears and eyes are not open?

Reader: Jeff. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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