Exodus 27-28 — design for the ark of the Testimony

There is a lot of information in these next two chapters. We are continuing learn more about the template of the Tabernacle that God gave to Moses on Sinai. “… as it was shown to you in the mountain, so they shall make it” (Ex. 27:8).

We will learn about the altar, the utensils of the altar and the architecture of the outer courts. God also calls upon Aaron and his sons to serve Him as priests in the Tabernacle. They were called to be the intermediaries between God and the people. The people are commended to their own service for the Tabernacle as well.

Thought Questions

Richard Agee writes The Testimony in Hebrew
Richard writes "the Testimony" (ha-aydoot) in Hebrew.

How important are all these details?

What do you find so “unusual” or interesting about this chapter?

How were the tribes evenly separated?

How large was the altar?

Why was the altar and most of the utensils of the altar made from bronze?

What is the difference between brass and bronze?

What is the “court of the tabernacle?

Why is “fine woven linen”?

Why is linen the main material for the tabernacle?

What is a court?

What was the curtain?

What was the function of the curtain?

What is ha-a-dut (Strongs 5715)

What is a testimony?

What does the name Aaron mean?

How long was the menorah light maintained?

What kind of garments were the High Priest supposed to wear?

What are gifts?

What are we supposed to do with them??Are all gifts spiritual?

What is the importance of non-spiritual gifts and skills?

What was the breastplate of judgment?

How large was it?

What was inside the breastplate?

What is a turban?

Why could only a king or a high priest wear this kind of turban?

What color of thread were used in the breastplate?

Were non-priests allowed to wear similar garments?

What is a signet?

What was the purpose of the pomegranate and gold bells on the high priests garment?

What were the trousers worn by the priest?

Why did they wear them?

What does a priest do?

Are priests “prayer warriors”?

What kind of gifts do the priests accept on God’s behalf?

Reader: Dave De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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