Exodus 1–3 — Moses’ first 40 years

The first 80 years of Moses’ life are summarized in Exodus 1-3. It starts with his birth in Egypt and the end of chapter 3 tells us about his call to return to Egypt. The rest of the book focuses on the last 40 years of his life.

Thought questions from the recorded discussion

Why were the Egyptians fearful of the Hebrews?

How did the Egyptians persecute the Israelites?

How shrewd was Pharaoh here?

What does the word “afflicted” mean?

How did the affliction of Egypt help the people of Israel grow?

How did God bless the midwives?

How does Pharaoh’s methods mirror the methods used in Nazi Germany?

Did the Israelites make the Great pyramids of Egypt?

Moses’ mother was paid to take care of her own child, how often does that happen? Only by God’s providence.

Who were the two Levites mentioned in Exodus 2 (1st Chron. 6:1)?

What did Moses’ mother see in him when he was born?

Why didn’t Pharaoh’s daughter have any fear in taking the Hebrew child into her house? Did Moses know his true identity?

What happened to Moses while he was in Midian?

What was the burning bush?

How did God call Moses back to Egypt? Why?

Reader: David De Fever. Speaker: Richard Agee.

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