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Deuteronomy 25-26

Honesty in business dealings and setting aside for the LORD the first and a 10th of what He has blessed us with seem like straightforward teachings from these two chapters for modern times. However, what do we do with teachings in this passage about men temporarily marrying their sisters-in-law to perpetuate the name of her dead husband and amputation as punishment for women who “fight dirty” seem way out of step with modern culture? Richard Agee explores what God is trying to show us about Himself with these teachings. Continue reading Deuteronomy 25-26

The Truth About Tithe

Tithing, or setting aside for God a 10th of your income, is becoming a more common fixture in Christian denominations and congregations, with the common application of the commandment being the giving of tithe to a church. However, it is largely misunderstood because a major purpose for the “Old Testament” commandment about tithe is ignored as an obsolete Old Testament teaching.

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