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‘Esther’s Legacy’ — a historical look at numerous assaults against Jews and the response from by-standers

by Eric Voogd and Tikvah
March 9, 2009

Note from Tikvah is a friend of Hallel Fellowship, and some have asked for the link to the article. Views expressed aren’t necessarily those of Hallel Fellowship.

In the Book of Esther, Mordecai encourages Esther to stand up for her people in the face of powers bent on destruction of the Jews (Esther 4:13-14). This article takes a historical look of various attacks against the community and the nation and compares these assaults to the patterns shown in the Book of Esther.

Purim — Book of Esther tells a never-old tale of hatred against God’s blessed servants

JeffThe “Preacher” in Ecclesiastes said “there is nothing new under the sun.” The hatred against Yehudah, the Jews, has persisted throughout time, and the spirit of Amalek has taken many forms, including Haman, Antiochus IV, etc.

Yet the LORD has kept Israel in the form of mostly Yehudah intact. Through Yehudah came the Messiah, the Seed of Eve Who crushed the serpent’s head and the Seed of Abraham Who brought God’s blessing to the world. That preservation of Yehudah above all odds through the eons, in the face of concerted genocidal efforts, is testimony that indeed the LORD is the one at work. Continue reading Purim — Book of Esther tells a never-old tale of hatred against God’s blessed servants

Purim (Festival of Lots): The “hidden” holy day

Teacher: Daniel Agee

Just as Esther is the “hidden Jew” in the account recorded in the Bible book by the same name, Purim, or the Festival of Lots, is the hidden holy day with massive Messianic meaning for the Day of YHWH. [View pictures of  Hallel Fellowship’s celebration.] Continue reading Purim (Festival of Lots): The “hidden” holy day