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Sukkot: Return of the King

Feast of Tabernacles — Day 5

Susan Pierce explores Bible passages on kings and kingdom and the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, which looks forward to return of King Yeshua (Jesus) to establish God’s kingdom on earth. Continue reading Sukkot: Return of the King

Yeshua fulfills Pesakh completely

At the time of the Exodus, YHWH (God’s personal name in Hebrew, often translated as “the LORD”) told the people of Israel to have a “lamb for a household” (Exodus 12:3). Usually 10 people could manage to consume a whole lamb. Smaller groups joined together to form a chaverim, Hebrew for “a group of friends,” and that formed a mishpokhah, “a family group.” Paul talks about believers being the “household of God” (1st Timothy 3:15) because there is a “lamb for the household.”

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‘Observing’ & ‘remembering’ the Feasts of the LORD

Speaker: Susan Pierce [contact]

“You shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt, and you shall be careful to observe these statutes.” —Deuteronomy 16:12

El Shaddai = El Shaddai in Hebrew. It points to a hidden plan. Continue reading ‘Observing’ & ‘remembering’ the Feasts of the LORD