Acts 9:1-31 — God turns Sha’ul from ‘bulldog’ to preacher


Sha’ul (Saul) encounters the true Messiah, Yeshua, while traveling to Damascus to arrest His followers. Over more than a dozen years, God transforms the "bulldog" of traditional Judaism of the time into one of the most powerful witnesses of Messiah Yeshua in the Roman empire.

Food for thought from the recorded discussion

Other than Acts 9:1-31, accounts of Sha’ul’s teshuvah (turnaround) are recorded in Acts 22:5-16 and Acts 26:13-18. Paul writes about it in Gal. 1:1-2:11.

What brought Saul’s conversion?

What core facts are common to all the testimonies of Saul’s conversion experience?

What does Galatians (Galatians 1 and Gal. 2:1-11) tell us about the timeframe from Saul’s conversion in Damascus to the time he presented himself to the ekklesia (assembly) in Jerusalem?

Why did he go to Arabia, and why did he stay there so long? 

What happened to Saul on the way to Damascus? How long did Saul wait in Damascus for healing of his blindness? How is his healing from blindness described?

2nd Cor. 3:7-17 — How is the "ministry of righteousness" better than the "ministry of death"? How does the kind of revelation described here compare with the scales which fell off Saul’s eyes in his conversion experience?

Speaker: Jeff.

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