Acts 13:13–52 — Paul’s first journey — Pisidian Antioch

Paul presents the good news about Yeshua (Jesus) as Mashiakh (Messiah) in Pisidian Antioch and splits the synagogue apart. The pattern of persecution he experiences here is a pattern of things to come. First to the synagogue, then to the Gentiles.

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Paul's first journey (Accordance image)
Paul’s first journey (Accordance image)

Where had Paul and Barnabas come from and where were they teaching?

What sermon format does Paul use when he’s presenting the gospel to this synagogue? Why is it important to go to the Hebrew Scriptures, often called the "Old Testament," first when telling people about the good news about Yeshua (Jesus) as Mashiakh (Messiah)? 

How does the format of readings from the Torah and "Haftarah" affect Paul’s missionary efforts? How does the Haftarah help people understand Torah better?

What was Paul’s basic message of his Pisidian Antioch talk? What TaNaKh (Hebrew acronym for "Torah, Prophets and Writings," i.e. the Hebrew Scriptures) accounts does Paul bring to mind? How do they connect to Yeshua?

What is the Greek word for “savior” (soter, Strong’s 4990)? What language was most common in the synagogues of the diaspora (i.e., outside the land of Israel)? When was the Septuagint (a.k.a LXX, the Greek translation of the TaNaKh) written? Why was the Septuagint so important?

Why does Paul drop Yokhanan (John) the baptizer’s name into this sermon?

How does Paul attack the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem?

Were Paul and the apostles playing “fast and loose” with quotations from the TaNaKh that apply to Yeshua?

What was the “crux” of Paul’s sermon? 

Why did Paul focus on King David so much? Which of David’s writings helped Paul preach the gospel to this audience?

What do the titles such as “Rabbi” and “Father” mean, and what did Yeshua mean in Matthew 23 by warning against using these titles?

What was Paul’s final warning to his audience?

Who was the audience of the original text?

How did the leaders of this synagogue respond? How is the term blasphemy used here? What resistance did Paul and Barnabas face in Pisidian Antioch? What did Paul say as he got thrown out of Antioch? What gift did the leaders of the Yehudim (Jews) throw away?

Reader: Hector Marroquin. Speaker: Jeff.

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