2 Samuel 7 — How did God measure David’s worth?

Many who read this text think that God is somehow rejecting David or turning away from him, but this is not the case at all. God is not rejecting David but He is giving David a great insight into God’s purpose for him. David finds out what God really thinks of him. How many of us hear straight from God what He thinks of what we are doing for ourselves and our future generations? So, rather than thinking of this story as a type of rebuke to David, consider it God’s gift to David.

Thought Questions

How does God chastise or punish an errant king?

Where did David go to pray to God after Nathan told him God didn’t want him to build the Temple?

Why did David want to build a Temple for God?

Was David wrong to want to build God’s house?

What were the two conditions for the building of a permanent dwelling place for God? (Deut. 12:10-11)

Why did God disagree with David’s timing (1 Chron. 22:6-11)?

How do David and Solomon represent two extremes?

How does the story of David and Solomon match the future of the Messiah as recorded in Revelation?

How did David react to God’s decision not to allow him to build the Temple?

How did David pray to God?

What information did God give to David?

Where did David go to talk to God?

How did David compare his story to the story of the people of Israel as a whole?

What did David learn from this experience?

Reader: Bill K. Speaker: Daniel Agee.

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