1st Samuel 24 — Saul continues to hunt David; David cuts Saul’s robe

Saul continues to pursue David into En Gedi, a mountainous region on the western shore of what is now called the Dead Sea. Saul thinks he has the upper hand but David is given the opportunity to turn the tables on Saul and deliver himself from Saul’s pursuit, yet David holds back and does not kill Saul. David’s actions fulfilled a prophesy and sent a message to Saul which Saul acknowledged for a time.

Thought questions

Why was David upset at himself for cutting off the portion of Saul’s robe?

How did David see the anointing?

What are the two major themes of this chapter?

What did David’s men say when they discovered Saul in their cave?

How is this comment similar to the blessing Melchizedek gave Abraham (Gen. 14:18)?

What do David and Abraham have in common?

Were David’s men correct in wanting Saul dead?

How many times does David come close to killing Saul w/out doing so?

Could Saul’s robe be compared to Joseph’s garment?

What is one of Saul’s weaknesses?

What did Samuel do to Saul’s robe at one time (1st Sam. 15:26)?

How did Saul react when he realize that David had cut his robe?

Did David know about the prior confrontation between Saul and Samuel?

What does Saul admit about himself at the end of this chapter?

What kind of conflict does Saul have in himself?

Reader: xxxxxxxxx. Speaker: Daniel Agee.

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