1st John 1–3 — What the Apostle John tells us about fellowship

When we keep God’s commandments and give and receive forgiveness, we can have wonderful fellowship with our fellow believers and with Yeshua Himself. When we keep God’s commandments, we abide in Him and receive the gifts that God wants for us. When we ask according to His will, we will learn God’s will for us and provide our needs.

Thought Questions

How did the Apostles fellowship with Yeshua? ?What is sin?

How does that affect our fellowship with others?

How does that affect our fellowship with God?

What is an anti-christ spirit?

What does it mean to confess your sin?

How do we confess our sin?

What is propitiation?

How was Yeshua a propitiation or substitute for us?

What are the “things of this world”?

How do we practice righteousness?

Speaker: David De Fever

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